Tuesday, February 23, 2021
I want to start my report with congratulations to everyone involved with the storm that just passed. Although it was smaller than what we’ve seen in the recent past, it was handled with the usual professionalism and dedication that our members are known for.
This month we have been working towards completion of the annual discipline review, which is well under way. The annual project review for overhead and underground is scheduled for Mid-March. There have been some changes in an MOA for field use of design equipment, that information has gone out.
We’re continuing to work on several fronts to solve ongoing issues and concerns in regard to URD/UCD work.
We’ve received direction from President Skerpon to begin setting up the Article XXIII process that has been on hold these last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You will start to hear more about that process in the coming months.
There has been an upswing in the number of disciplines relevant to the COVID-19 call in response. The local has taken some time to have reminder stickers printed up (Thank you Bill Maloney) and we have been diligent in reminding people to call and working with any issues that have come up with regard to that process. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CALL!
As always, should any member have a question, an issue or concern please contact your steward or if they’re unavailable call the hall directly.
Steve Givney
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager East
As we approach the spring season, everyone needs to make sure that you use your FR clothing allowance before April 1st. This a benefit that's negotiated, and you should be using it to the very last penny if possible. Please make sure you are doing your Covid call ins every day you are on the property. This process has been streamlined to make it a bit easier, so make sure it gets done. As always, Work Safe!
Bill Vincent
As the long winter moves toward spring, please be aware of daily freeze thaw cycles creating black ice underfoot. Utilize your high traction footwear where necessary to reduce the risk. Also remember no matter what vehicle you drive, even your own, to do a walk around before driving. Ice and road salt can obscure or dim lighting this time of year. Continue to look out for yourself and your co-workers so that we can all go home safely at the end of the day.
Dan Machold
My name is Don Netto, I am a new Business Representative for Local 97, I am filling the vacancy of Steve Givney as he was promoted to Assistant Business Manager for the Eastern Division.
I will be representing the following contracts:
  • PSE&G
  • Brookfield Power N.Y.
  • Brookfield Power Bear Swamp
  • Liberty Utilities
  • Town of Worcester
  • New York Independent System Operators
  • Service Employees Benefit
I am also responsible for organizing new members into Local 97. I am in the process of getting the Organizing Committee back up and running. The past year, during COVID, has been a difficult time to organize new members. If anyone knows of a group of employees who may consider organizing, please forward me their contact information to me. As we all know, the more members Local 97 has the more powerful we become.
I will be contacting members of the Youth Committee to get started back up.
If anyone would like to join or just find out more information about the Committees, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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