National Grid Update

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
National Grid:
We are continuing our portion of the discipline review process and have presented our opinions to the company. This process takes time and negotiations to get as many of the disciplines removed as possible. You will be notified if your discipline gets removed from your file.
We have been on the company constantly about the My Coridy check-in process. We have agreed that we will do the daily checks as they are mandated by the government. We are pressuring the company for good data before anyone gets talked to for noncompliance. Most of the bugs have been removed but we are still hearing that some people are calling and being told they are not. You need to keep track of this and if you see something that is not correct notify your steward who will contact a business rep.
The call out reports, while these have been missing for over 8 months due to the company’s inability to access them, we are right back to focusing on under 10% response. I cannot stress enough we must take our calls. On that note I have requested the company turn over this data monthly so the steward can scrub the data as it is somewhat fresh with everyone. Stewards, please contact your business rep with any questions.
Storms, we are seeing many little micro storms affecting our service areas and are under even more pressure from the public to keep the lights on. Understand this cannot happen without each of you taking a part. Keep up the good work and stay safe doing so.
If you have any questions, please reach out to your stewards then business rep. to get answers. I am very hopeful after these vaccinations that we can begin to meet again face-to-face at union meetings. Until then continue to check the website as we are adding things all the time.
Bill Maloney