Women of IBEW Local 97 Power and Light Society

We are officially called “Women of IBEW Local 97 Power and Light Society”.
We will be comprised of women from Local Union 97 IBEW members whose common purpose is to support our local union. Mission is to inform, educate, encourage, and support each other in our careers in Local Union 97 IBEW. We strive to promote leadership within our membership so that we may become leaders in our industry. As members of the Power and Light Society, we will always perform our duties in the industry in a professional manner. We are responsible for mentoring and guiding each other on a pathway to success. We will perform our tasks on and off the job in a manner that will promote a positive image for the Power and Light Society and for Local Union 97 IBEW. We will always encourage and support all union brothers and sisters in the industry. As a sisterhood in the IBEW we celebrate the diversity of our membership, always remembering to put the interests of our Union and the Power and Light Society before our own. Together we will accomplish great things.
  • Stimulus to women’s involvement in and support for union goals and activities.
  • Response to women’s issues on the job.
  • Training for leadership roles (public speaking).
  • Initiate Union and public policies relating to issues of concern to women (speakers).
  • Community outreach.
  • Networking.
  • Support for charitable causes.
  • Unity among fellow women in the workplace.
Your Committee:
  • Robyn Palmer – Committee Member for West
  • Cynthia Metchick – Committee Member for East