Biden Addresses the IBEW, Pass the PRO Act

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Around the state, our members continue to do great work keeping the power on, even during a pandemic and snowstorms. Below we have included some important information including regional and company updates. I would encourage everyone to read them and stay up-to-date with this information. Since we are not able to have meetings currently, this is the best way to get the updates out to the members.
Below there is some important national information. First, at the most recent IBEW officers' meeting, President Joe Biden addressed the officers. In his address, the President addressed the role that the IBEW will play in his Build Back Better Program. If the recent events in Texas have taught us anything it is that there needs to be a large investment in our electrical grid and that work must be done union.
Finally, the PRO Act has been introduced into Congress. This would be the most sweeping change to labor law in decades and would go a long way to strengthen unions. A similar bill passed the House last year with bipartisan support, but it didn't get a vote in the Senate.