Thursday, June 17, 2021
The work to resolve the URD/UCD concerns is complete and the MOA has been signed. The parties have agreed that this new process will be implemented as a one-year pilot. I want to thank all those who worked hard to get this to the finish line.
The Article XXIII proposals have been completed and Ted Skerpon has notified the company of our intent to meet and address the concerns for the different work groups. We’re looking forward to getting the next steps underway. I will update everyone as things develop.
As the restrictions change and the nice weather sets in, it’s easy to forget the process for calling in and use of masks etc. We are still seeing disciplines relevant to the COVID ‘call in’ response. We have been diligent in reminding people to call and working with any issues that have come up with regard to that process. Unfortunately this is still a statutory requirement so PLEASE REMEMBER TO CALL!
As always, should any member have a question, an issue or concern, please contact your steward. If they’re unavailable call the hall directly.
Steve Givney
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager East
As Summer approaches we need to remember to hydrate. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two profoundly serious health conditions that could lead to serious injury or even death. Please drink plenty of water.
We are getting busy with Article XXIII’s. The one for Line has been drafted by a committee of linemen from all three divisions as well as ABM’s and Business Rep’s. We have asked the company to give us some dates to review what we will present. The one for the Equipment Operators is moving along as well.
Currently, though everything is changing daily it seems with Covid mandates, we have not seen many changes while at work. One thing we still need to complete is the daily Covid check-in. Although this process seems futile it is still a state mandate. Please take the time to call or use the App.
As always should you have questions or concerns, please contact your stewards. If you still have issues call the hall and the appropriate Rep will call you back.
Bill Maloney
Business Representative
Summer finally seems to be here, so remember to stay hydrated and note it on the job brief so everyone is aware. Also, stay cognizant of the Covid-19 regs still in place in regards to the daily call-in and masking procedures. As always, work safe!
Bill Vincent
Business Representative
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