IBEW Leading the Way on Infrastructure

Friday, June 18, 2021
Across the state, Local 97 is working to protect our members and work with the employers to deal with the ever-changing requirements. Please continue to follow your local rules. We are so close to the end.
At the national level, there are two important things that I want to bring to our members' attention. The first is the PRO Act. This bill would rebalance labor law to help working people and unions. It would make Right to Work illegal, make it easier to organize a workplace, easier to gain a first contract, and give workers many more protections. This is probably the most important labor bill in 70+ years. The IBEW has written an article on the PRO Act which you can read by clicking here.
The second thing is a $2 Trillion Plan to Rebuild America. The IBEW has played an integral role in helping to craft this bill. An IBEW member, Mike Fiore, who is a member of Local 29 in Pittsburgh, even helped President Biden introduce the bill. This bill would make one of the largest investments in infrastructure in the nation's history. According to the IBEW, this will include billions to modernize and harden the nation's grid, carbon capture technology to keep generation plants open while minimizing pollution, and billions of dollars to develop advanced nuclear reactors.
Following the announcement of this new plan, IBEW leaders and members from across the country met with White House staff via Zoom to prioritize labor protections in the bill, explain the on-the-ground needs related to power generation and advocated that the bill not be a job killer for IBEW members. You can read more about the bill and the meeting by clicking here.