Thursday, June 17, 2021
June is National Safety Month – Safety starts before the work begins. Remember to do your tailboard meeting prior to the start of the work. Involve everyone working on the project.
Identify all of your hazards for the work and create barriers to protect yourselves from those hazards.
If the job and or hazards change throughout the day, stop work and communicate the change with your co-workers.
If something doesn't seem safe, then speak up and talk it through with your co-workers, chances are they are thinking the same.
Below is a brief summary of what has been going on.
Still working with the Company on the contract, we are getting closer.
Working with the Company on issues regarding the Safety Eyeglass Program.
Participated in the union leadership meeting.
Participated in the Safety Council meeting:
  •   One of the issues brought up was the quality of this year’s fit test.
Attended the kickoff for the System DEI and Culture Council Meeting:
  •    The Council has been established by the Company to improve the culture in the workplace.
  •    Jim Cacciotti and Josh Moore have volunteered to be a part of the council as well as participate in the local DEI council.
Brookfield N.Y.:
Reviewed and approved Safety procedures.
Settled a grievance at 3rd step prior to going to arbitration.
Kris Nezezon has taken over the steward’s role for the Potsdam area.
  •    I would like to thank Joe Hazelton for his hard work over the years, and welcome Kris to his new role.
The company has returned all office staff back to the office as of June 1st.
The Company is hoping to return all field crews back into the barns in a couple of months.
I participated in the Watertown area safety meeting this month, and I am planning on doing the same for the other areas in the coming months.
Brookfield Bear Swamp:
Working with Glenn regarding some contractor concerns. Planning on setting up a meeting with the company to discuss.
Still working on the rest time grievance, we are getting close to an agreement.
RENEW Committee:
Attended 3rd District Progress meeting.
Held Local 97 RENEW Committee meeting in June.
  • Discussed ways to get more young workers involved with the Union.
  • Our Union leaders are getting older and we are trying to get the younger members ready to take over when the time comes.
  • Discussed possible events to bring the members together again after the long absence do to COVID. 
  • Discussed fund raising events, to donate to a charity in your local area.
  • Looking for a new member to represent the Central Division. If interested please contact a current member or the hall.
Organizing Committee:
Attended the 3rd District organizing workshop.
Held Local 97 Organizing Committee Meeting in June
  • Discussed future targets to organize. The 3rd district would like us to focus on green energy groups.
  • If any member knows of a group of employees who may be interested in organizing with Local 97, please contact the Hall or any member on the committee with the contact information.
Don Netto
Business Representative


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