Western Division Report

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I would like to wish everyone and their families a happy and safe new year.

Service has had a hard time trying to get the company to negotiate and resolve 2 man areas in both Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We will continue to try to get the company to the table. Please remember that assault on our members can happen in any area, always be aware of your surroundings.

Service, Line or any other department dealing with the public;

If you are uncomfortable in a situation and concerned for your safety leave the area. If all you need is a second man, remove yourself from the area and call dispatch or your supervisor and wait for direction or help. If the situation would not be safe without a police escort, notify dispatch or your supervisor and remove yourself from the area and wait for direction from the company.

The safety handbook Section 1 page 21.
Each National Grid Employee has the responsibility to;
c. Refuse to perform any work that may compromise his or her safety, or the safety of others.

Upcoming Meetings;
1/17 Syracuse OPC - if you have any concerns we have Joe Regan and Scott Denny going.
1/25 Buffalo Line SAC
1/25 Syracuse System Safety Union only
1/30 TLS Safety

What's at the core of a successful company;
A company can buy all the physical things needed to be successful. The things they can't buy are dedication, devotion and loyalty. A company is stronger if it is bound by these things rather than manage by fear. -IBEW Local 97 ABM Jim Murty

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