Business Managers Report

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A mailing will be going out about voting and registering to vote. The International thru public records has determined that 608 of our members are not registered to vote. You will be receiving a letter at home with instructions and form to register to vote.

We received a Labor Board answer on a separation from Central. The Labor charge was dismissed and they have until March 16th to appeal.

Coronavirus - All properties are putting together contingency plans for non-essential employees to work from home. They are looking at cross training or volunteers to crew compliment to be sequestered especially with our Hydro plants to be there 24/7. Do not know where all this is going. Use common sense to try and do social distancing as much as possible.

Regarding Lone Worker Device told the company we are not interested in the camera. We will now be piloting a clicker device you hold in your hand to activate. 

Met with Cory O’Hara to talk about future of Gas industry. It is now considered dirty fuel. We are still trying to educate that solar and wind is part of the equation that gas is needed. We need to educate the policy makers. Discussed concerns on storms; knowing who is out there, what you should have for communication and relief of our members out there. 

Discussed issues with DOT Medical Card for new trucks over 10,000 lbs. and requirement for a medical card. It is mainly for Gas fitter trucks. We are close to an agreement and hope to wrap it up soon. We want to grandfather those in the department now. We are also looking to bring back auto progression.

Issue with someone requesting to look at their personnel file and being denied. It is the same procedure we have always had. The files are now kept at Iron Mountain so you need to put in a request with someone from Labor to go over it.

Grievance filed in Central for Regional Control bidding from Distribution to Transmission and saying they are locked in. We do not agree with it.

Issue with Carryover Vacation in that has to be in 8 hour increments for a total of 40 hours per the contract. This will be enforced starting in 2021.

SAP – issue with not paying next step and pay level. It has been fixed and should now be automatic.

Issue with Bismarck and Pennfoster education requirements not being accepted. They are not going away at this point. They may eventually be replaced. We have received an email from Labor that they are still accepting the courses. 

Project reviews are starting in all divisions.

Rate Case is going on and we have put it to be an intervener.


Having an issue with retiree Life Insurance. NRG has language in the contract stating they have the right to change at any time. They are saying they will be reducing retiree health insurance to $10,000. NRG is saying we do not have a right to negotiate for retirees. We are working with our lawyers to see what we can do.


Negotiations will be starting for Exelon in April and going into May. Their contract expires June 30, 2020.