Western Division Report

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Saint Patrick's Day is around the corner and our Buffalo Lineman will be marching in the Old First Ward parade Saturday, March 16th at noon. Please come out and support our Lineman.

We had the 1/2 day off the truck meetings last month. Lee Shelby did a great job on his presentations. I hope everyone took something away from Lee's talk with us. Make sure everyone participates in the tailboard. Help the members in progression to learn their jobs and to do the work safely. Don't rush.Make sure everyone is pulling the rope in the same direction. Make sure that you and your coworkers keep your minds on the task at hand.

Upcoming Dates;
2/27/19 TLS safety Syracuse

What's at the core of a successful company;
A company can buy all the physical things needed to be successful. The things they can't buy are dedication, devotion and loyalty. -Jim Murty IBEW Local 97 Assistant Business Manager West 

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