Central Divison Report

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Hopefully the winter season is coming to a close and we can be done with the ice, snow and cold temperatures.

Please be aware of the icy and snowy surfaces that we work on each day. Try to salt or sand your work areas.  Twenty percent of our accidents on the job are slips, trips and falls.

Be careful not to exit your truck facing out.  Always turn around, face inside the cab and use the two handles to exit.  There have been multiple injuries reported in the past two months related to vehicle exits.

Although we constantly hear about the dangers of cell phone use while driving and operating equipment, it still occurs.  A story by Michigan State University in 2010 reported that you could have three drinks in a bar in an hour and drive home and there was still less of a chance of getting in an accident than while texting or talking on a cell phone. PLEASE either pull over or exit the equipment to make your call!

Know your job.  Do your job.  Always watch out for each other. -Fran Capozzi Gas Safety Advocate IBEW Local 97 Central Division

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