Eastern Division Report

Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Line Mechanic Helper Job Fair is Wednesday, February 27th, for 12 new positions. There will be additional Line Helper Postings out as soon as Tuesday, February 26th, for a second Helper school at the end of April. This was originally scheduled for July but a conflict has moved it up to April right at the end of the first school.

Discipline Review is under way and we will keep you updated on the results of any discipline we get removed.

Local 97 East is setting up a TEXT BLAST to be used to get information out to members in the Eastern Division. We are taking personal cell phone numbers from members to build our list. Any LU97 East member wishing to be added to TEXT BLAST can call Kevin Lyons at the union hall. A test of the new TEXT BLAST will take place in late March. Thank You Kevin Lyons.

A Night Out With IGNITE!

Local 97's IGNITE youth group will be hosting an open house at the Eastern Division's union hall on March 20, 2019. Please come out and join Ignite for an informational meeting about them, the Local and an overview of what being a Local 97 member means. Hear some history on the IBEW, some benefits to being a union brother or sister, an overview of Local 97 and the companies we have contracts with,  along with the benefits that have been negotiated for you. Come out and have dinner with Ignite. It promises to be an enjoyable and informative night. Meet the Brothers and Sisters of IGNITE, the Eastern Division staff and officers of the Local. Look for more details on your office bulletin boards. We look forward to seeing everybody in March!! -IBEW Local 97 Eastern Division, ABM Chuck Milos

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