Wednesday, May 4, 2022
An update on the ‘work from home’ agreement. To date we still have no agreements in any departments. The company has also asked to begin a ‘pre-Covid’ home barning schedule. We have no agreement for that and we have requested their policy and demanded bargaining. I will keep updating everyone as things develop.
We are in the process of closing out our annual discipline review process and will be getting notifications out to members where we were successful at getting documents out of files.
We have completed most of the project reviews and should have them all done by the end of the first week in May.
We are continuing to push the Article XXIII’s ahead with the company and we’ll continue putting out updates on that front.
Please keep an eye on our website for any new information.
As always, should any member have a question, an issue or concern please contact your steward or if they are unavailable call the hall directly.
Steve Givney
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager, East
If everyone doesn't already know, there has been an increase in the FR clothing allowance, so check your account. We will be attending a Third District conference the 21st - 22nd to discuss various labor and safety issues with all the Locals attending. Updates to the HVAC system in the Albany Hall will begin soon. There have been major issues with it since 2020. As always, if you have any concerns, please contact the hall. WORK SAFE!
William W. Vincent
Business Representative
Is it really Spring? At the time I’m writing this most of our members are busy restoring power from an April Snowstorm. Living in the Northeast has its pros and cons, but we have some of the most awesome landscape no matter what the season.
With this recent weather event it gives us a chance to remind people that we need to work safe. We had limbs fall and trouble hidden for a short time with the snow cover. Please be that person that watches out for the unexpected and each other.
Summer will be here soon they say, let's plan for that. Something often overlooked at this time of the year is your smoke detectors. The batteries in the older units should be replaced every 6 months. I like to do mine when I change my clocks.
Continue to work smart and safe so each can be home with family and friends and enjoy their time off. Thank you for everything you do.
Bill Maloney
Business Representative


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