Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Project reviews for 2022 are complete.
Waiting for the Company to supply a list of discipline letters, in order for us to review them with the company.
Working with the Company to supply the Union with an up-to-date seniority list.
Brookfield Bear Swamp:
Reviewed safety procedures and waiting on the Company to respond to our concerns.
Liberty Utilities:
The Company is looking into a new vender for flame retardant clothing for the operations group.
Held Union/Management quarterly review meeting.
The Company is planning to resume in-person meetings.
The Company is looking into past COVID quarantined time off pay, and will correct Employees PTO buckets.
"Customer First” will go live on May 9th. The Company is in the process of training all Employees.
The Union is updating members contact information in order to help with communications. Please see your respective steward.
Signed an agreement with the Company for the “Annual Flame Retardant Clothing Allowance”.
Signed an agreement with the Company to extend the deadline to use your 2022 carry over vacation. The time has been extended to the end of 2022.
Still working on 401K issues.
Working with the Company on language to settle the “Good Faith” grievance.
Reminder that Ted has notified the Company that the Union does not recognize the Company handbook due to lack of negotiation. Ted has also informed the Company that he has instructed the Members not to sign Section 18 of the handbook.
Held “Safety Council” meeting. Several safety concerns regarding contractors during the plant outage was discussed.
Halfway through the outage. Thanks to all members for their safe and hard work without any safety issues. Keep up the good work and keep an eye out for each other through the end of the outage, in order for everyone to go home safe every day.
Held our monthly committee meeting in March. We discussed ways to get more Union members involved in the Union.
We are planning our Local 97 “Union Appreciation Day” for each division. If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact a RENEW Committee member or your Union Hall.
We are selling Local 97 Yeti mugs. Please contact your steward or a RENEW Committee member to purchase a mug.
Organizing Committee: 
Held our monthly committee meeting.
Members attended the “Annual Labor and Employment Law Seminar” hosted by Blitman and King law firm.
Don Netto
Business Representative


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