Thursday, September 2, 2021
Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. As we all know by now that Covid is on the rise again. Please be vigilant and follow all Covid protocol when unable to social distance.
Below is a brief summary of what has been happening this past month:
Liberty Utilities:
  • Still working with the Company for new contract books; they said that they are getting closer to a final copy.
  • Employees are back in the office working again. Once again, please follow all Covid protocols.
  • The Company is rolling out a new "Multifactor Authentication" security program for employees to have computer access when working remotely.
  • This authentication process will require employees to obtain a V.P.N. prior to logging in the Company server while working remotely. 
  • Reviewed and approved HSSE procedures.
  • Working with the Company on filling several vacancies due to retirements.
  • The 2 vacant SCO positions have been filled. Training will now start for these employees. 
  • The Employees who have been notified that their I-9 forms are missing from the Company files will be offered 1 Year of identity theft protection from the Company.
  • Attended Safety Council meeting, some of the topics discussed were:
  • First Aid/CPR training will be held on September 1st and September 15th. This should allow for all shifts to participate in the training.
  •  The Safety Council committee is looking for more volunteers to join the "Action Squad"; please contact a current member if interested.
  • Attended LOB meeting. The committee has scheduled a site safety walk-through at the plant on October 7th.
  • Reminder that all employees should review their personal files, for any discipline prior to the sale of the plant. The Company has agreed to remove all discipline from Employee files prior to the sale.
  • Our new E-Mail address is If anyone would like to become more involved with the Union or to help your local RENEW Committee on planning events, please send an E-Mail or contact a local committee member.
  • The Committee is still working on planning a fall event in each Division.
  • 3DYC (3rd District Youth Causes) held a virtual workshop last month.
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Sept 2nd.
Organizing Committee:
  • Still working on targets to organize that we discussed last meeting.
Don Netto
Business Representative


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