Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Local 97 is having ongoing meetings with the learning councils for the Electric organization. It has been established that Local 97 will have input on how the training will be done in the future, we hope to have more hands-on.
The Company is still working with the union on establishing a WFH (work from home) agreement for 97 and 97C.
We are working to schedule as many 2nd and 3rd step grievances as we can.
Article XXIII's are ongoing in the following departments:
Equipment Operators - we sent a proposal and are awaiting a response from the company.
Gas Welders - we sent a proposal and are awaiting a response from the company.
Stations - Company responded to our proposal but are looking to make changes to the job specs; discussions to follow.
Line Department - Company responded to our proposal requesting more information. We have provided the company with additional information and are waiting to have follow-up discussions.
Sub-divisional meetings are scheduled for:
Potsdam 3/28/22 @ 4:00 pm
Watertown 3/29/22 @ 4:00 pm
Utica 4/5/22 @ 4:00 pm
We have submitted all disciplines that we would like removed from employees’ files. We are currently waiting on the company to respond.
Project Review meetings are ongoing - meetings were held for TLS on 3/7/22, Stations/PTO on 3/4/22, Line & Undergrounds on 3/25/22 and we are awaiting dates for Gas & Design.
Although the mask mandate has changed and our numbers are down, Covid is still real. Please continue to maintain your distance and remember Safety first!
Jim Card
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager Central
NMP Unit 2 came offline on March 7th as planned for the refuel outage.
This is the FIRST breaker to breaker run in site history and a new record run of 702 days and 6 hours!
Work was completed on March 15th.
The valve team removed and installed four safety relief valves Safe and Event-Free!
Outstanding craftsmanship and engagement exhibited by the Maintenance organization.
Michael Bradshaw
Business Representative


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