Wednesday, May 26, 2021
NMP recently completed their 2-week INPO (Institute of Nuclear Power Operations) evaluation visit. The group consists of 20 evaluators that follow jobs from all of our site groups to identify strengths and gaps in performance. Their preliminary findings, which were shared in the exit meeting, identified 5 strengths and 2 areas for improvement. The final report will come out in late June or early July. The grading scale is 1-4, 1 being a top-performing plant. Our site is currently graded as an INPO 2 plant; we will hopefully achieve an INPO 1!
Mike Bradshaw
Business Representative
As we enter the spring and summer season, the traffic is picking up on the roadways. We need to be very vigilant while working on the streets and highways. We see more and more incidents of the public driving into our work zones. The general public is very distracted while driving. We need to set up our work zones with as much advance warnings as possible to get the attention of drivers to protect all workers on the job and always wear your high viz.
With this change of season, it is time to do your housekeeping on your trucks. This means check over your burn kits and first aid kits. Make sure that they are completely stocked and replace any items that have expired and all workers on the truck know where they are stored and what is in them.
Stay safe as we enter the summer months while at home as well as on the job.
Jeff Gaebel
Electric Safety Advocate


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