Putting Safety First and Getting Involved

Thursday, February 3, 2022
Winters in Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany can be hard and for IBEW members this often means extra time working outside in the elements. Snow, wind, ice and frigid temperatures can make the job harder and more dangerous, which is why it is extremely important that all of our members refocus on your training and put safety first. As you will see below, we are fortunate that no one has suffered serious injuries for a recent increase in accidents, but we should not be testing that luck. Refocus and continue to work safely.
With so much going on, I would also encourage our members to take an active role in the union. You can do this by attending a union meeting or subdivision meeting. For our younger members, consider joining the Renew committee, which is made up of young IBEW members and is a great way to not only make new friends within the union, but to also learn more about our union and find out what you can do to make it stronger. For members who are looking to take a larger role in the union, there are some positions that need to be filled. Please read the reports below for more information.
Please continue to put safety first each day at work.