Giving Back to our First Responders

Monday, July 13, 2020
During the COVID-19 crisis, Local 97 members have stepped up. Earlier in the crisis, the IBEW highlighted our selfless members who spent weeks at power plants to ensure that they continued to operate. With the virus still raging, another Local 97 member has stepped up to use his 3-D printer to produce and distribute surgical mask tension bands and face shields to protect local nurses and doctors. Find out more about his great work below.  
Nine Mile Point Security's own Officer Steve Caggy has been diligently supporting numerous hospitals with use of his own 3-D printer.  Steve, with help from a friend and his wife, has produced and distributed over 650 Surgical Mask Tension Relief bands and 300 face shields to nurses, doctors and first responders in the Cities of Syracuse, Rochester, Watertown, and as far away as Cleveland, Ohio.  Steve was inspired after seeing pictures of health care professionals with irritated and sore ears due to extended periods wearing masks without Surgical Mask Tension Relief bands.  Some of his work can even be completed remotely as long as he has someone at home to load his printer.   Steve has plans for the continual production of 100 face shields per week until they are no longer needed.  Steve does not charge for any of his supplies and feels that he's just doing his part for the health care professionals during this pandemic.  
Great work Steve.