Eastern Division Report

Sunday, July 12, 2020

As we continue to struggle through the ongoing issues that arise from the ever changing covid related environment that we all are trying to navigate through, remember to take a moment to look at the good that you all do every day. Amidst the near weekly changes by the State and the company, you are all out there working and getting the job done as always!

As things do change frequently with the screening process, company policies and the latest travel restrictions, remember to reach out to your steward for the latest information, if they don't have the answers you need they can get in touch with their appropriate business rep for help.

A couple highlights to keep in mind;

  • Post and bid will be going back to a 1 week posting, so please don't wait if your interested in a posting.
  • The company has changed their position on quarantine pay for those out of work as a precaution.
  • The company has put out guidance for travel to 'restricted states'.

We will continue to work hard to resolve the issue's that will undoubtedly come up with these and other changes as we strive to move back to a pre-covid state! -Steve Givney, ABM - Eastern Division

To all of our Friends and Members I would ask that after you do what it takes to protect you and your crew from COVID-19 to take a minute and think about all the other things needed to keep you safe. At this time we are very aware of what it take not to get sick but let's remember that tripping in a hole, cutting our hand, getting something in our eyes, Bees, Ticks, Dogs all can hurt our crew members. We cover the big picture every day and I am asking you all to look at the little thing so you can have a great summer with your family. Thank You for your great effort in this tough time. -Kevin Lyons, Business Rep. - Eastern Division

As we look back at the holiday weekend, please take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made so we are able to enjoy the independence that we have in our country. Of all the holidays that we celebrate, July 4th has a very special meaning. -Bill Vincent - Business Rep. - Eastern Division

The Eastern Division staff hopes that this newsletter finds you and your family adjusting to the new norm for now? With summer in full swing things are still different than we knew them to be. The travel restrictions and the Covid hot spots have us changing the way we vacation or simply spend time with family and friends. We at Local #97 wish things were different, we wish we could have the meetings of old to sit face-to-face to show our support for what each of you do. We also miss the opportunities that we are used to with the solidarity day and other events that will most likely be put on hold until a later time. Please understand we are working tirelessly to keep everyone at work and everyone safe. We have had daily calls now since March to voice our concerns for our members safety and wellbeing. I am sure everyone knows the health and safety of our membership is at the forefront of every action we take.

The last month has seen many States head back into closure and numbers spike for Covid cases. Please be advised that you need to check before you leave for any vacation spot for the quarantine instructions when you return. If a State turns after you have arrived that is considered differently.

Many storms have been popping up throughout our service territory and we ask that each of you stay safe and use your training and skills to perform during these sometimes-dangerous times.
In closing we wish your families a safe and happy summer. Enjoy the cookouts and family time that your afforded because it may not be there someday. -Bill Maloney - Business Rep. Eastern Division

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