Business Managers Report

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hope you had a great Labor Day. We gave away 1,000 tickets to the Syracuse Fair and only had 30 people participate in the Labor Day Parade. We have to do better than that.

Now that we have been successful with Clean Energy and saving the Fitzpatrick Plant, we will now be putting our focus back on Transmission.

The Solidarity Picnics are taking place. Buffalo held their picnic last Saturday and it was well attended. Syracuse and Albany will be holding theirs on October 1st.

Exelon/Entergy sale – discussions are still going on. Exelon has purchased Entergy. We will be meeting again shortly.

We are talking with Entergy plant on retention. Craft retention is complete and we still need to do one for Security. Now the company wants a Retention Agreement to keep employees on for refueling.

We have several negotiations coming up along with the International Convention in St. Louis we will be attending. We need to negotiate contracts for Town of Worcester, Service Employees and 97c.

We started going thru contract proposals for 97c. We received about 90 proposals and have gotten it down to about 20 or 25. A lot of them were duplicates. Because of time schedules, we have agreed on an extension with the  company of their contract until the end of the year. We will be setting up meetings with the company along with committees. I hope to have this done by mid-November.

Safety – I have a meeting in Rhode Island after I come back from the Convention with NGrid Leadership to discuss safety. We will see what kind of role they will be taking.

Theodore J. Skerpon