Business Managers Report

Monday, October 16, 2017

Elections are on November 7th. Please get out and vote. There also is Proposition #1 on the ballet for a NYS Constitution Convention. We are asking you to vote no. A lot that could be changed that will affect us including prevailing wages, ability to collective bargain, being injured on the job and gun control. There will be 204 appointed for this costing hundreds of millions and possibly lasting years. They are paid $80,000 a year along with their political salary. Please go to our website for further information.


We had successful mid-term negotiations to try and realize some savings for the Fitzpatrick plant. We have a tentative agreement and will be voted on by the membership on the 18th. This will provide security, maintain wages and give them a general wage increase. It is a very good contract overall.


NGrid will be instituting safety incentives. One is if you have a safety incentive you can submit it and you might win a gift card. I am o.k. with that. They are having safety breakfasts and do not want to invite any one that has discipline. I am talking with the company on that one. Keith McAfee will be stepping up looking at Call Outs. It is on his radar and he receives a weekly report. It is important to take your call outs. We have to look on how we maintain our work so it does not go somewhere else.


We met with the company to discuss downsizing of the Oswego plant with a staff reduction thru layoffs. The corporate strategy is to find money. We will be meeting on the 24th again to get specifics and the impact on our members.