Summer Safety Tips

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Tick encounters are in full swing. Here are a few reminders for protecting yourself:
  1. Beware of heavily wooded or tall grass areas. Ticks don't jump they climb on as you brush by.
  2. Check your self, children, and pets after being in those conditions.
  3. Wear light clothing, and long pants so ticks are easier to see.
  4. Spray your foot wear the night before you go in high tick areas.
  5. Pull socks over pants when walking to stop an access point.
  6. If your pet get on furniture or beds double check then so your family's tick encounter isn't from inside your home.

-Kevin Lyons, Upgraded Business Representative

Protect Yourself in the Sun
As summer finally arrives our message to the membership is as always safety. As the temperatures rise and the workload increases everyone has to be more alert for dangers on the work site. It's easy for anyone to become distracted whether it be the workforce or the public, be aware of traffic when working in the streets, wildlife when working the back lots and water dangers when working around bodies of water, especially fast moving water.

Take a minute to remember dangers come in many forms at work but also keep in mind they exist at home as well, keep yourself safe so you go home in the same condition you arrived at work so you can keep your family safe at home. We at Local 97 are upping the ante on safety and you should be doing the same! -Steve Givney Business Representative

Use Sunscreen to Prevent Skin Cancer

Warmer temperatures are upon us and with the sunshine we can encounter several hazards, which are sunburn; skin cancer; and dehydration. The first two can be diminished with the use of a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater, staying in the shade, or wearing clothing that shades our sensitive areas. Dehydration is eliminated by taking several drink breaks during your day, more when you are sweating. Water is the best to consume.

Finally, on a different note we will be starting the 3M "Ear-Fit" testing. Here in UNY-East the nurse will start measuring the ear canals of Gas employees in Glens Falls during May/2018 and then moving on to other locations. You will be fitted with an ear plug or ear muff that best eliminates the noise from your environment.

Sometimes your job may be easy, sometimes your job may be hard, however, EVERY TIME your job must be done safely! -Paul Crisafulli
Gas Safety Advocate

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