Eastern Division Report: Line Mechanic Positions

Friday, June 22, 2018

I have confirmed that there will be a number of Line Mechanic Helper positions posted in late July for a Helper School starting September 10th. I hope to know the exact number and locations early July. Please keep in mind this will be a job fair, and even if the location you desire is not available at the start, it may become available during the fair. If you have any desire to change your location or bid into Line make sure you fill out a bid sheet and have your Supervisor sign it when submitting.

Discipline review on the Electric side has been completed and I will be reaching out to all individuals whose letters we were able to get removed next week. While it was not as many as I would have liked, it is better than in past years and am hopeful we are starting to build a productive working relationship with Labor Relations. -Chuck Milos, ABM, Eastern Division

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