Eastern Division Report: Great Work During COVID-19

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Eastern Division staff would like to commend everyone working through these difficult times that seem to continually change. You have been very professional dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping yourselves and the customer safe. With very few positive cases some of you may have been quarantined for your safety and that of your coworker's sake but in the end only one has tested positive in the East at this point and now back to work. We ask that you continue doing what has worked with washing your hands more frequently, wearing a mask when necessary and cleaning your equipment after use. We are all learning and continuing to change but the resilience of our members is seen daily. Supplies are being procured a little easier now than when this first started so please inform your stewards if stock isn't coming in for cleaning and sanitizing.

As of just the last couple of weeks we have seen a nation devastated by a small group of people compared to the larger numbers trying to fight for justice. The staff asks that you keep yourself safe and follow all guidance's during any mass gathering no matter when or what it is.

With the onset of warmer weather, we ask that you remain hydrated and watch out for your coworkers. Heat stress and heat stokes can come on in short time while doing strenuous work. Please take care of yourself and make sure you go home to see your family each night in a safe way.

By the time of this writing the post and bid system is back up and running and we are starting to move from job to job. Please be aware that until further notice the postings can also be found on the Local 97 website. The staff has done this so you can have the information needed to bid those jobs while not having access to the faxed copies we are used to. The Bid Summary Sheets will also be posted for all jobs once they close. -Steve Givney, IBEW Local 97, Assistant Business Manager East

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