Our Union is Hard at Work

Monday, April 24, 2017
As reported at our general body meetings, Third District Vice President Don Siegel will be retiring June 1st. His replacement will be Mike Welsh. We look forward to having a close working relationship with Mike as Local 97 and the IBEW  work to strengthen our Union across the state. I would also like to wish Don the best in retirement and thank him for his commitment that he has shown over the years to the IBEW.
If members are getting calls from National Life Insurance saying Local 97 is endorsing them, we are not endorsing them. If you receive a call, please call the Local Union Hall and let us know.

Retirees on the National Grid property are also having issues with Conexis regarding dropping their medical benefits and saying some of them are not paying their bills. Some of the members are not even receiving bills. Please let us know if you hear of anyone having an issue.

I want to remind everyone that there was a dues increase April 2nd which coincides with the general wage increase for the National Grid property.

Effective April 1st  the Entergy Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant officially transferred over to Exelon allowing 300 plus of our members continued employment. I realize it was a long emotional roller coaster ride however; I appreciate the commitment to your work that everyone showed as we worked through this process.

We still have issues with the Clean Energy Standard that we have to work through and appreciate everyone's continued support as we try to move forward with a diverse make up of generation that will allow New York State to become a leader in creating a cleaner New York for future generations to enjoy.

Finally, The Town of Worcester contract was ratified by our members and approved by the Town Board. The six year contract allows for general wage increases along with continued security for their medical benefits.