Business Manager's Report

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Appreciate everyone coming today. Hope you enjoyed Easter.


Tentative Agreement was ratified by 107 yes to 1 no. It is for 6 years with a 2.5 GWI each year.

We were able to avoid a termination and would like to remind everyone to only do work that is defined in the scope of the job.


We continue to fight to return a member unjustly discharged at Fitzpatrick.

We are starting Sunday Nine Mile Outage that will last for 28 days. Local 97 has staffed 160 temporary positions for the outage.


Continue to work on many issues:

  • Storm issues – call outs (ARCO’s), short resting.
  • DOT – resolved Batcheider issue and will continue working on going to the nurse vs. doctor for medical card.
  • Regional Control – waiting on Company for response to 12 hour shift schedules.
  • Make Taps Permanent – Company bringing work back in-house. Company is trying to take hostage overtime away from us. We won it for now but they want to revisit it.
  • Underground Auto Progression – met April 9th with Company. The Company is looking for dates in April to continue discussions.
  • Safety – moving from SUSAs to ESD (Effective Safety Discussions). This is supposed to be a better process and be just a discussion.
  • Line Temporaries - will now go to regular status after one year and will not have to serve a probationary time for another six months once they are regular.
  • FFD – issue with Company random testing group that was not supposed to be tested.


Continue to work in the Western Division on opportunities for Huntley and Dunkirk.


I would like to acknowledge Steve Ashlaw, Business Representative in Syracuse, who will be retiring after this meeting. I want to express my appreciation to Steve on everything he has done for this union and wish him well in his retirement.