Business Managers Report

Monday, May 15, 2017

          You will be hearing a lot about what they are calling ConCon which is the New York Constitution Convention which will be on the ballet this November for a vote to hold a convention. We are asking you to vote against it mainly on what can be changed and how much money it will cost. It can go on for years at taxpayer expense and being estimated to cost upwards of $300 million. A lot more information will be coming out.

          The combined Exelon/Entergy Company is still having issues with the carbon credits and we continue to fight. Downstate Democrats are concerned with the extra cost to them of carbon credits. A lot has to do with renewables. We are saying we still need nuclear power and coal. It is a threat on jobs.

          The NYS Budget was finalized and now union due deductions can be written off on your taxes and no longer itemized.

          We have been notified by the International that Rich Redman our previous International Representative will be retiring in October.

          Exelon Nine Mile 1 and 2 have been given an INPO Score of One which is good. It helps them to be able to borrow money. It also shows safety of the plant and need to give credit to our members.

          We had a Son of Sam meeting with NGrid Labor to discuss over 30 issues. After the meeting I was told that Mike Bernardo will be going back downstate and by June we will be getting a new Upstate Director of Labor. Hopefully it will be somebody local who knows the issues of our area.

          NGrid has filed a new Rate Case with the PSC. They are asking for some support from us. I am waiting on some answers to questions we have to see what support we can give. The Rate Case has 200 jobs and waiting to see how many are union. We are trying to get some talking points together to answer any questions our members may get from our customers.

          I attended the 3rd District Workshop which included a lot of discussion around call out percentages. We are finding a lot of other areas are saying they have to take 50 to 60% of their calls. They have fought and lost in arbitration with discharges being upheld. Remember to take a call when you can take a call.

          We have an upcoming meeting on Friday about switching errors. Not sure what direction the company will be going in.

          PSEG – met with Chris Munyan to go over issues and had some positive discussion and set future meetings.

          VP Jim Zabinski will be having Retiree meetings in Buffalo on June 6th, in Syracuse on June 7th and in Albany on June 8th. All meetings will be held at the Union Halls at 6:00 p.m. Spouses are welcome.

          I have filed a Labor Charge against NGrid in regards to Sleep Apnea. It is not part of Federal regulations but only a recommendation. For your CDL renewal, go to your own doctor. It is recommended you go two months in advance of when it will expire.

          Happy Memorial Day and please remember our veterans and enjoy the day.