Business Managers Report

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Last month spent a lot of time still trying to work out something for NRG Huntley and Dunkirk along with the Entergy Fitzpatrick plant. We continue to fight. Five Mile Station issues are going against NGrid. Unfortunately they are moving ahead with closing of these plants. The Warn dates are coming up and we are talking with the company on how the process works. If you are on Security clause, you will be the last one to go unless you want to go. The company is trying to work with everyone. A lot of our members have already left.


A Coalition in Oswego has been formed and I have been to several meetings. We are meeting politically including with the Governor to show our concerns on the closing of all three plants. We are trying to work on carbon credits for Entergy. We feel nuclear power should be credited.

We received notification that the TAA was approved for Huntley. If you have any questions on how it works, let us know.


I met with the new President/CEO of NYISO Bradley Jones. He wants to help generation. He told us he had three things to tell us two we would like and one we would not. He was right. He agreed we need to upgrade Transmission from East to West and upgrade Transmission from North to South but Hydro Quebec has to be part of the whole plan.


Met with Bill Murty from TLS to try and settle TLS grievance which is on the training issues for the last six months and do they get upgraded and pay.

Wanda Grace will still be the interim Labor Director until May.

The Cell Phone Request went out. It is not a policy. Pretty simple if you are supposed to be working be working. It is meant to keep you safe. I did get an email from Labor saying that is not about discipline after some supervision was presenting it that way. Any concerns, let us know.

There is a letter from the company on the ACA Tax form that was on the Info Net and that I also have copies of. They are anticipating that the 1095-C forms will be distributed by the end of February. It’s o.k. to file your taxes before receiving this form. There will be questions on your tax form asking if you had health insurance coverage and you can answer based on our own knowledge or look at your records.


Long term employees are being disciplined and terminated for what I would call derelict of duties. They are not being where they should be when working. They are not doing their jobs. Watch yourself.

Theodore J. Skerpon