Western Division Update

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Happy New Year from the Western Division.
The word for 2017 is about safety and the word is "FOCUS".
As members of the IBEW Local 97 we all plan to work safely every day. My only concern is about you not the company or their corporate goals. Don't get me wrong I believe in a fair days work for a fair days pay. I also believe we are not robots and we all make mistakes at times but we need to control our minds and stay focused. If we do that, we will reduce our mistakes.
It seems that all the outside influences distract us at times from the task at hand. Whether its perceived pressure we put on our self's to get the job done, things going on at home or just life in general we all have distractions. Our mind is a powerful thing but we don't even realize when our mind wanders. We need to practice mindfulness to focus and refocus stay on task.
Best gift you can give your family is YOU!
Please be safe and stay "FOCUSED".

Jim Murty ABM Western Division

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