Eastern Division Update

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
We would like to congratulate several employees on their recent retirement:
  •  John Pawloski, Cobleskill Line, 28 years 
  •  Gary Holt, Saratoga I&R Gas Regulating, 36 years 
  •  Charles Fennessey, Glens Falls Substation, 36 years 
  •  David Naske, Albany Field Tester, 37 years 
  •  Robert Sutphin, Albany Steam Station, 37 years 
  •  Peter Neefus, Albany Relay, 39 years 
  •  Thomas Durand, Albany Field Tester, 43 years 
  •   Mike McGuire, Albany Traveling Operator, 43 years
The Albany Union Hall is now in the process of Polling for a Safety Advocate Electric, anyone interested in Line, Stations, Underground, or Relay/Telecomm please contact the Hall by Wednesday January 18th.
Gas Operations recently completed its most recent Half-Day off the truck safety meetings.  There were speakers from Damage Prevention, Integrated Health Management, Safety, and PEx Safety.  Thanks to all in attendance for your attentive and engaged demeanor.  We have received several positive comments regarding the Half Day off the truck program.  If there is a topic you would like to see covered next time or a speaker that you think would be valuable, please let us know.  For yourself and those that rely on you please continue to work safely, every minute, every day.
Town of Worcester- The Town of Worcester contract negotiations are ongoing. We'll keep the membership updated as contract talks progress.
PSEG - Congratulations to Robert Sutphin for winning the first ever Paul Metexas lifetime safety achievement award!
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