Western Division Report: Contractor Season

Sunday, April 23, 2017

It's that time of year again contractor season. Please keep an eye out for contractors doing your work and if your barn is not getting the Article IV contractor overtime let the Union know. It's disappointing to the Union in the West that the company continues to use the non-union contractor Ledge Creek.

We had project reviews over the last few weeks. It looks like Line and Cable will be using on site or job flex to other areas or departments to fill in for lack of work in their barns. TLS, Stations and Protection have a good allocation of work in the West.

The discipline review is not going very well this year. The company so far has refused to give the union a complete list of all active disciplines. We requested the list at the end of 2016.

Next system safety meeting in Syracuse is on June 21st-Jim Murty, Assistant Business Manager West

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