Make Your Voice Heard. Continue Supporting the CES!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dear Theodore,
Thank you for your continued support of New York’s Clean Energy Standard (CES), an innovative policy that demonstrates New York’s leadership in moving towards a clean, carbon-free future. The CES positions New York as a national leader in the fight to lower carbon emissions, reduce other harmful pollutants, maintain fuel diversity and balance our state’s economic, energy and environmental priorities.

During the current New York Legislative Session, several state assemblymen introduced legislation that would place a moratorium on the Zero Emission Credits (ZEC) portion of the CES (bills A5985A and S4800A ), which would be a dramatic step back from a clean energy future. We need your help to remind your legislators about the critical importance of New York’s upstate nuclear plants in achieving the goals of the CES.

Visit the Nuclear Matters website at the link below to fill out a short form and send an email to your officials with one click. Nuclear Matters is a national advocacy coalition that we work very closely with on nuclear energy issues. The form will ask for your home address in order to verify you are a resident of New York and your phone number, which is required for contacting officials’ offices. You can also opt in to receiving future updates from Nuclear Matters.

Make your voice heard today – let your legislators know that you support a clean future for all New Yorkers.

Click here to tell your legislators you oppose bills A5985A and S4800A
Thank you!

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