Central Division Report

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scott Collins, one of Beacon North's Gas Mechanics, has returned to full duty after almost a year due to an accident in May of 2016. We are very glad to have Scott back with us.

On April 27, 2017, Central Division was visited by CEO, John Pettigrew. After observing the University area substations and a large gas main job near LeMoyne College, he was very impressed with the workmanship performed by NG crews.

Central Division's "Half Day Off the Truck" will be held Thursday, May 25th at Beacon North and Utica. This year's speaker is Brad Livingston, author of "Just a Second Ago", survivor of catastrophic gas explosion.

As the construction season approaches, we need to be extra cautious for road traffic, school buses and pedestrians. In addition, we need to ensure the safety of our own crew by not falling to complacency. Always watch out for each other.

Many Local 97 members are avid motorcycle riders..."Please Watch Out for Motorcycles". -Fran Capozzi, Gas Safety Advocate

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