Eastern Division Report

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

For May we want to reiterate what products are in the storeroom for tick and other pest repellent; permethrin, DEET, and Snif & Stop for EDO only.

Another topic, hydration. The MAYO clinic suggests consuming 120 fl. Ozs. Of liquid a day. Now they say liquid so read into that what you may. When an employee works past a normal 8 hour day, they need to replenish their hydration level due to the added hours they're at work and not at a convenience area to be hydrated. While working from a truck, liquid can become scarce later in the day/night during emergency work.

Finally, our lives tend to become busier during the Spring/Summer seasons due to our families and ourselves involved in activities outside of work. We need to stay focused at work doing our tasks and if we become distracted, stop, regroup and begin again at a point we know we left off at. Also we need to stay focused with our driving at or away from work.

Paul Crisafulli
Gas Safety Advocate

A review of the EDO FR vendors for 2017 has found no increase in cost to members. Both Tyndale and Bulwark continue to be adding and deleting items in their catalogs.

Please read the section that covers laundering clothes as new materials are included some cleaning requirement may change.

Also Tyndale again for 2017 offers PERIMETER INSECT GUARD (FR) to help repel insects for 50+ washes.

Per the FR MOA "All newly covered employees requiring fire retardant clothing in new positions will be eligible for a $870.00 allowance that current year." Also "Covered employees will be eligible for $410.00" on April 1 2017. If there are any questions regarding FR clothing give the Union Hall a call. -Kevin Lyons-Business Representative East IBEW Local 97

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