Western Division Report

Friday, October 1, 2021
I would like to welcome Dave Harding as our new temporary Safety Advocate. Please feel free to reach out to him. Dave's Phone number is 716-807-1244. Please keep our eye on safety; it is far more important than production.
The Tonawanda barn has officially opened on 08/30/2021. I would like to thank the following members for their help, John Phillians, Mark Levandowski, Rich Sondel and Ken Galzinski.
We have revised the Out-of-Town Storm list to reflect the new Tonawanda barn.
There was a request from a couple of Chief Stewards for a review of a switching incident in the Albion area. The company is putting together a presentation and plans to roll it out to the SPC and the barns.
We had three second-step grievances, two of which will have favorable answers; the other was a termination and denied.
Work from home
If you pay attention to the news, there have been a lot of articles about working from home. Please be aware that companies are using spyware. Unless you are on a web call, I would suggest muting your speaker and covering your cam.
Collective Bargaining Agreement the blue book, Article I conditions of employment.
When the company approaches members about conditions of employment, please refer them to the Union. Examples are working from home, home garaging, reporting to alternate locations, etc. We worked with the company from the beginning of the pandemic, moving quickly for the good of the membership. We also reminded everyone conditions of employment need to be negotiated between the Union and company and none of what we did at that time was permanent.
Jim Murty
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager West
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