PROAct Tool Kit

Friday, February 5, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please see the link below to access the PROAct Tool Kit. In the toolkit, you'll find talking points, graphics, sample letters to the editor, sample email, and ways to take action by calling or writing your member of Congress.

  • The PRO (Protecting the Right to Organize) Act is a generational opportunity and the cornerstone of the AFL-CIO’s Workers First Agenda.

  • The U.S. House of Representatives passed the PRO Act in 2020, but an anti-worker majority blocked it in the Senate.

  • The PRO Act motivated us this past election cycle to mobilize for a pro-worker trifecta in the U.S. House, Senate and White House.

  • Working people won a mandate.

  • America must build back better with unions by ensuring passage of the PRO Act:

    • Reintroducing the PRO Act, passing it in both chambers of Congress, and getting President Biden's signature will increase worker power, rebuild our economy fairly and grow America’s labor movement.





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