Monday, February 28, 2022
I want to update everyone on the ‘work from home’ agreement. To date we have no agreements in any departments. We are talking to the company and have a document that we are reviewing and negotiating with the company. I will keep updating everyone as things develop.
We heard 3rd step grievances on February 15th. Please check the E-Board minutes if you have something scheduled.
I met with the Line Op’s group to discuss AET, Safety, CDL Training, Training opportunities in the upcoming year and reengagement of the committees that have been slowed due to the covid separation.
We have been working to find a replacement for Ray Burlett in the Seneca Street training facility. Ray will be leaving us in the spring to enjoy his well earn retirement. He leaves with our thanks and well wishes!
We have begun the annual discipline review process and will be getting notifications out to members where we are successful at getting documents out of files.
Project review season has also begun and we have reviews scheduled for TLS and PTO and Line all in March.
We are continuing to push the Article XXIII’s ahead with the company and we’ll continue putting out updates on that front.
Please keep an eye on our website for any new information.
As always, should any member have a question, an issue or concern please contact your steward or if they are unavailable call the hall directly.
Steve Givney
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager East


This time of the year we see many challenges to our daily tasks. With the warm days and cold nights coming we will see freeze thaw cycles that will cause ice to show up where we had pavement the afternoon before. This will require us to be aware of our surroundings.
L&D will be busy through June with schools of every level. We are training Todd Anderson to take over when Ray Burlett retires. He will be at the schools to assist with the training. Local 97 fully supports the training our members get and continually push for more. We believe a trained employee will be a safe employee.
We are slowly starting to see things get back to normal, the mask requirement has been removed and we should see more regular meetings instead of zoom. We still need to be aware of our surroundings and stay safe from catching things that will cause us illnesses though.
Please keep up the good work and watch out for each other so all can return home safely.
Bill Maloney
Business Representative
As everyone probably already knows, there was an electrical contact in the central that involved a Relay tester while doing a commissioning test on a recloser at Henry Clay. The quick action of the folks that were there, and their training, no doubt saved a life. It's important to remember what is around you and try to mitigate any potential pitfalls. No piece of equipment is worth anyone's personal safety. Our thoughts are with the members who were involved and a speedy recovery to injured tester. Also, please be aware of the drastic weather conditions we are facing at this time of the year. WORK SAFE!
William Vincent
Business Representative
In the last two weeks I have had the honor to welcome 17 new Service Reps to the National Grid property. Two more will follow in a couple of weeks, along with a number of temporary Collectors, and a class of Gas Mechanics later in the spring. Please welcome them when you meet them and teach them what it means to be Local 97 proud. Remember, cheap labor isn’t skilled and skilled, union labor isn’t cheap.
Dan MacHold
Business Representative


Eastern Company Reports
Liberty Utilities: Attended monthly up-to-date meetings with the Company.

PSEG: Sent an information request to the Company for a review of all disciplines in employees' files per Appendix E Paragraph 2. The Company informed me that there is no discipline in anyone’s file.

The Company is working on filling the 3 vacant positions.

By the time this letter is printed, the sale to Cams should be finalized.

The Union has reached out to the Company to renegotiate the “clothing Allowance Agreement” which has expired.

There have been several issues with Employee’s paychecks. Most have been corrected. Please check your paystubs weekly to verify it is correct.

The Company has issued new guidance for "Temporary Time Off” for COVID related issues.

Brookfield Bear Swamp: The Company is in the process of posting and filling positions.

Per Article XII Section 4, I have requested from the Company a review of all disciplines.

Brookfield NY: There are still several vacancies that the Company is trying to fill off the street.

Continue to review and approve safety procedures.

Per Article XVI paragraph 4, I have requested an annual review of all disciplines in Employees' files, in hopes to get it removed.

Per Article XVIII I have requested from the Company to schedule the annual review of the scheduled work projects.

Don Netto
Business Representative Local 97

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