Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Article XXIII update; The Local 97 committee will be meeting on December 2nd to work on the proposal with the company.
The Local 97 committee has met on November 2nd and 15th to discuss details with regard to their Article XXIII. We will be meeting with the company in the near future.
As hopefully everyone is aware, the Vaccine Mandate for the National Grid property has been delayed. We will continue to work on those related issues as the new date approaches.
Also, the OSHA mandate has likewise been in a hold status, we are watching that carefully for any new information that comes from that agency.
We are aware of the stress these mandates are putting on some of our membership and we will continue tom work towards the best possible outcome for our membership.
Please keep an eye on our website for any developments.
As always, should any member have a question, an issue or concern please contact your steward or if they are unavailable call the hall directly.
Steve Givney
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager East


Brothers and Sisters, as of this writing we are heading into the holidays. It is that time of year that we need to reflect on what we are thankful for. I am thankful for my family, friends, and co-workers. Together this is what keeps me going in life. Let’s keep all those around us safe during this season of joy. Take the time to check on those you haven’t heard from and see if they need anything.
Snow will be falling soon, and ice will be forming, please be aware of the conditions while operating vehicles or walking right of ways or slippery areas.
We are continuing to hear grievances and are complete with our most recent barn visits. We will be sitting down to review the concerns generated because of these to get better with respect to training and safety.
In closing, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Bill Maloney
Business Representative Local 97


Article XXIII discussions for Substations has begun. It has been over 2 years in the making, so our committee is ready for that process.
The winter season will soon be upon us, so please make sure you are prepared for changes in the weather. WORK SAFE!
William W. Vincent
Business Representative Local 97
Brookfield NY:
The Company has issued new HSSE Manuals. Please review and make yourself familiar with the new layout. The manuals are located in the plants as well as the offices. If anyone would like a manual for their truck or desk, please notify the Company for a copy.
Open enrollment is over, please review your confirmation sheet to verify all is correct.
Reviewed and approved several HSSE procedures.
Reminder for all new Maintenance Mechanics, a CDL is a requirement in the job specification to advance to a Maintenance Mechanic “B”.  Make time well in advance to your progression date to prepare for and take the CDL test.
Steve Wagner has been selected, by the E-Board, to Replace Jim Cacciotti.
The Union and Company are reviewing the 12 Components of Safety.
The Union attended a Zoom meet and greet meeting with CAMS.
  • They described the organizational layout of Arclight.
  • Eastern Gen will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the plant.
  • The plan is to close on the purchase in February of 2022 at the earliest.                                                                                                                              
  • The current Union contract will be transferred upon closing.
Attended Safety Council meeting.
Liberty Utilities:
Final versions of the contracts have been approved. The Company will make them available digitally as well as printing hard copies for each employee.
Brookfield Bear Swamp:
Reminder for all to verify their Blue Cross Blue Shield accounts; there has been a few employees that have been charged $1000.00 deductible instead of $500.00 for the 2021 year. 
Union/Company held the first joint Safety Committee meeting. Any safety concerns or questions regarding this committee, please see Glenn.
Organizing Committee:
 Following up on groups of employees that we have targeted for organizing.
If anyone knows of a group of employees that they feel would be interested in being organized, please forward the contact information to your Union Hall or myself.     
Don Netto
Business Representative Local 97


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