Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Please welcome new Service & Gas Safety Advocate Dan Battaglia for the Central division.
Article XXIII for Equipment Operators: we have had preliminary talks with the company.
Article XXXIII Stations: there have been ongoing discussions with the union committee members.
Safety handbooks are being distributed to every employee; please advise your steward if you do not receive one.
The Youth Committee will be having a Trunk or Treat event at the Union Hall on Friday, 10/29/21, from 5 to 8 pm; please make sure to bring the kids out!
We will continue to hear 2nd & 3rd step grievances.
We have an upcoming arbitration scheduled.
Please make sure you continue to wear your masks when on company property unless you are at your own desk.
On a Safety note, please beware of the little Ghosts & Goblins that are out trick or treating for Halloween.
Jim Card
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager Central
The Security department at NMP has recently posted 14 new Security officer positions on the Exelon website ( for outside bidding job opportunities. These positions are entry level with LU 97 and require a 3-year lock-in before you are able to bid other positions.
Mike Bradshaw
Business Representative
Article XXIII update; Local 97 is currently scheduling meetings for the Welder and Station Article XXIII.
I will continue to update everyone on the others as things develop.
As flu season approaches, please be diligent in following the safe practices and processes in place, for your safety and that of your brothers and sisters.
As always, should any member have a question, an issue or concern please contact your steward or if they are unavailable call the hall directly.
Steve Givney
IBEW Local 97
Assistant Business Manager East
By the time of this writing, we will be starting our heating appliances. Take the time to inspect, clean and service this equipment now so you won’t have to when it’s really cold out. This is also the time of the year to make sure we have our cold weather gear we will need for the changing season. If you need to order, do it now to ensure you will get it before you hopefully need it.
We are still waiting on the company for Article XXIII’s. We have notified them of our chairpersons and are waiting on them to notify us of theirs. After that happens, we can schedule a date to sit down and begin. Time will tell when they come forward. We are continuing to hear and write grievances and sit through IA’s. I am doing another round of barn visits currently to talk about training and the importance of it; please use this time to bring up concerns you have no matter how minor or major they may be. We will continue to get the company out to see the workforce and hear what issues are out there.
The MOA for the TLS department is still in the company’s hands. We have sent their last proposal back to have changes we have requested. There haven’t been many talks in the past few months though.
In closing, be safe, watch out for one another, be respectful, and we will all sleep well at night.
Bill Maloney
Business Representative
I recently attended a Third District Utility Conference in Pittsburgh. Topics that were discussed included contract negotiations, contract agreements, injuries, Covid-19 and Covid -19 vaccine concerns and a decline in membership throughout all the locals of the Third District and the IBEW as a whole. Organizing is at the forefront of IBEW priorities to keep the Union strong. Having a trained, informed and well-staffed Union workforce is paramount to moving forward, especially with the proposed decommissioning of fossil fuel generation throughout the country, and technologies we will be tasked with installing and maintaining in the near future. Work Safe!
William Vincent
Business Representative
Local 97 has returned to holding in-person monthly meetings in each Division. It has been great to see everyone again. If planning to attend a meeting, please follow all COVID protocols as well as check Local 97 website for updates to meetings.
Liberty Utilities
  • The union has reviewed and approved the new contracts. The Company is now sending them out for print, as well as sending all members a digital copy.
  • The Company is trying to mandate a surcharge of $50 per month for all members that use nicotine. The Company did not negotiate this change.
  • I attended a Union/Management meeting. Several issues were discussed, such as contracting out bridge inspections, posting of a Billing Clerk position as well as a C&M position which will be filled in January 2022. Once the Billing Clerk position is filled and trained, the intent is to bring back the work which was temporarily moved to New Hampshire.
  • I attended the 2022 Benefits rollout meeting with the Company.
  • I attended an ‘all hands-on meeting’ regarding questions and answers pertaining to the sale to ArcLight. The Company at this point does not have much information. The union will be communicating with ArcLight/CAMS prior to the sale in an effort to make this a smooth transition. The CBA has very strong successor language.
  • The Company has posted two AOD positions to prepare for future retirements.
  • All employees affected by their missing I-9 forms have been offered ID Watchdog services to protect them against identity theft.
  • I attended Safety Council Meeting. Matt Barkmen will be taking over as chairmen for Jim Cacciotti. We would like to thank Jim Cacciotti for all he has done during his career.
Jim is a very dedicated union member, who will be missed. Jim’s hard work and dedication to safety is the reason for the improved safety program at PSEG. I would like to wish Jim all the best and happiness in his retirement.
Brookfield Power Bear Swamp
  • Everyone should review their 2021 Blue cross/Blue shield statements. There has been a problem with employees being overcharged for their deductible and out of pocket maximums.
  • The Union reviewed and approved the June 1, 2020-August 1, 2021 pay schedule. The pay schedule has been distributed to the membership.
  • We are in the process of creating a joint union management safety committee, as per Article XXII of the CBA. This committee should be made up of an even number of Union and
  • Management employees. Anyone interested in being a part of this committee please see Glenn.
Brookfield Power New York
  • The Union has been notified by the Company that they are changing vendors for the medical benefits. The change from BC/BS to Cigna is due to the large increase in the premium with Blue Cross. There will be no change in the benefit as well as no increase in cost for 2022.
  • We are reviewing several HSSE Procedures with the Company.
Organizing Committee
  • The International will be holding a virtual Membership development conference in the place of the regular conference this year after the cancellation due to Covid-19.
  • We continue to make contact with employees to potentially get help in our organizing efforts.
RENEW Committee
  • The IBEW 3rd District held a virtual RENEW/NEXT Generation conference.
  • The RENEW Committee approved the purchase of T-shirts which will benefit the Breast Cancer Camp Brave Hearts.
Don Netto
Business Representative


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