Business Managers Report

Thursday, October 10, 2019

I again apologize for not being able to attend this month’s meetings; however, we continue to negotiate with NRG and are getting closer to an agreement.

We had our 8th annual solidarity picnics in each division. I would like to thank the staff, Women’s Committee, Youth Committee and all others that volunteered to help make the picnics a success.

We continue to monitor the ever-changing climate issues that will have major impacts on our generation and utility properties. We are also seeking a seat at the table for the climate council in order to protect our members as we transition to solar and wind generation.

We were notified this month that PSEG is looking into the viability of selling our BEC plant.

I would like to remind everyone to continue to work safe and for you and those that count on you. Please remember that you have the right to stop the job if something is not right.

We are looking to set a meeting for mid-October with National Grid to continue our discussion over cash balance.