Business Managers Report

Friday, August 16, 2019

The International is asking for our assistance. The Department of Labor has proposed a rule that would allow private entities like employers and trade associations to self-certify apprenticeship programs. These programs would be referred to as Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs or IRAPs which could impact the International’s Apprenticeship Programs. Please go to our website and look for the tab where there is a link for you to give your comments to the Department of Labor on why you are against this.

Marijuana and CBD oils are out there and some of them have THC in them which is testing positive on some drug testing. So just be careful in what you are using. It will be treated as a positive if you are tested.

Also there are fermented drinks out there and they have alcohol in them. Just be careful.


We talked about Safety last month. We had a Union Safety Meeting on Wednesday. The Company is looking to implement a High Performance Safety Culture that works for everyone. We do not feel discipline should be part of safety. Safety should be a learning experience. They are doing surveys and asking would you stop the job and why. Be upfront and honest and let them know why. 

Gas Business Enablement - some programs will be starting to roll out in September. We had an overview in North Albany and saw no major alarms at this point. It will impact us because we will be looking at work differently. 

Pension – we were supposed to meet with the Company Wednesday but the Labor Director had a personal issue and had to cancel. We are hoping to reschedule it soon.

Consumer Relations Agreement – settled grievances for working the State Fair and at home shows. We used the old Blue Sheet Arbitration as a way to settle and allow you to be at these events. We also have some training issues in the East we have to work on.

Clerical Committee met again. We are trying to solve some issues with vacancies we are trying to get filled. The Company is still on a wait and see mode to see how we will be affected with upcoming changes.

NRG negotiations will be starting on September 19th and scheduled until September 20th. The Company has given us their proposal which is a whole new contract. Their contract expires September 21st. 

We had a Warehouse settlement creating a Driver position at a pay group 18. Grandfathered everyone. Coming into the department you will no longer need a CDL if you do not want to get it and you would stay at a pay group 17.