Business Managers Report

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July.

The election is finished and I would like to thank everyone who voted. It was a low turnout and something we will have to work on in the future.

National Elections are coming up. The International has sent a list of over 600 of our members who are not registered to vote. You will be receiving a letter with information on how to register.

The Text Blasts are working well. You can sign up to be included at all Union halls.

I urge you to continue to work safe and do it for you and your family. 


Cash Balance Issue – I have met with Jim Zabinski from our Benefit Committee. The Company has requested actuary numbers used for our supplemental annuities and to show them the discrepancies in cash balance. We have put that information together and will meet with the Benefit Committee and then with the Company.

The Guideline for Catastrophic Injury has been finalized. It is basically a check-off list for someone out in the field and what should be done when an accident occurs. It will be distributed.

Next we are looking at getting AED’s on all vehicles which we are discussing with the Company. We will also be getting them for all Union halls.

We have a lot of work ahead of us:

  •           Gas Business Enablement.
  •           Time Transformation.
  •           AMI.
  •           We have a lot of grievances to get thru along with 40+ arbitrations.

We are still working on the Safety Handbook with the Company. We are one of the only NGrid properties that negotiate safety with the Company.


Their contract expires on September 21st. We have sent the Company our letter of intent to negotiate. We will be getting proposals together.

We have other contract negotiations coming up in 2020:  St. Lawrence Gas expires on February 18th, National Grid expires on March 28th, Exelon expires on June 30th and Brookfield – Bear Swamp expires on July 31st.