Business Manager's Report

Monday, October 15, 2018

We have had some settlements on properties:

  • St. Lawrence Gas – Pre-arbitration settlement on benefit issue.
  • NRG – 3rd Step Settlement for a termination.
  • NGrid – Close to a settlement on a discharge.


We are having several grievances and arbitrations in the coming days.

There will be new technology for Training called Roll Call in January. You will now be scanning in with your badge. Your badge will have everything in it as what training you are taking. Supposedly we will be able to get printouts as to who attended what training. We will learn more when we sit down for an explanation with the company. Unfortunately it will result in the loss of an Office Technician job in Albany. We were successfully working with Labor to find a position for this member.

We had a meeting on the 12 hour shift for Regional Control. We are waiting for John Spink to get back to us.

Collections issue assault by a customer that happened in Albany – we will have a meeting with Tim Graham on the 16th to try and get them more protection while out there.

There has been a rash of work issues anywhere from fitness for duty to nonproductive work. These issues make it very difficult when I go to the Company and tell them to utilize the in-house workforce over the contractors.  The IBEW has always and will continue to, pride itself on our work ethic. We should not have to be fighting these issues, we just need to do our jobs and get the work done in a safe and efficient manner.  Remember if your vehicle is equipped with AVL it can be tracked and there is history as to where you have been. Be where you are supposed to be, at your job site and you cannot get in trouble. Call your supervisor and ask for work if you need more work. Please remember EAP is available if you are having difficulty managing work and/or home issues.