Business Manager's Report

Monday, September 17, 2018

I hate talking politics but mid-terms are coming up. The government of this state has been on our side. Vote with that in mind.


We are finally starting to hear grievances.

I attended Pettigrew Town Hall meeting.

Meeting with Keith McAfee quarterly.

Gas auto progression MOA has been signed.

The 60% Sick Pay Agreement has been signed. You must be on property for three months with no sick time along with a 52 week look back.

Ops Qual. Meeting – issues on Gas side; employees cheating going on with testing. PSC got involved improving testing procedures. Will now need photo i.d., will have a locker for personal items, proctor, camera, no phones and wands will be used. It is for Gas and CMS currently including contractors. LU 97 does not agree; looking at other locals.

Open Enrollment is coming up. Will be having a Benefits meeting on September 14th in Syracuse.

A Collector was assaulted in the East by a female resident as she went to the home to turn off electricity. The worker suffered facial injuries when she was tackled from behind and punched. The customer was charged with two felonies.


Contract expires October 31st and negotiations will be coming up.


Arbitration is coming up in October on a benefit issue.