Business Manager's Report

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I would like to welcome  back ABM Jim Murty from the West who was involved in an accident on his motorcycle when a deer ran in front of him He is still healing and now coming in for a few hours each day. ABM Jim Card from Central is still having health issues and will be out for awhile as well. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


It has been slow working on issues with the Company. The Boston Gas lockout is still going on which affects 1,100 members from Local 12003 and 12012. Company is sending more management resources out there and doing more training to do the work. It is not a good sign. They were coming back to the table next week. We have received no requests for assistance from the Locals.

Letters were sent out to 600 members who are not registered to vote. There is an opportunity in the letter to register to make it as simple as we can. It is a necessary evil and please exercise your right to vote. I ask you fill out the form and send it back in.

The Janus ruling has been passed and no longer will public sector unions be able to collect agency fees from non-members without a clearly executed agency fee check-off form. And, if non-members refuse to sign check-off forms the unions must still represent these non-members in disputes with their employers, or face duty of fair representation claims. This is something that could affect all unions in the future.


I attended a Safety Day at Nine Mile 1 and 2 which included safety vendors for all employees and their families which is held every year in the parking lot.


I have received official word from NRG they will not be repowering Dunkirk Steam Station. We are trying to look for buyers who would be willing to repower the plant.


I attended their Safety Signing Day which is a recommitment to safety. They also had Safety vendors at the event.