Business Managers Report

Monday, May 20, 2019

All nominations have been completed. The election will be conducted by mail ballot and should be mailed the first week of June. The ballots shall be counted on June 19, 2019, in the Syracuse Union Office.


We won an arbitration in Albany on a discharge getting the member back to work. Employee chose an option which precluded him from any type of back pay. All seniority was returned.

Brother from TLS in Eastern Division was injured in a shock incident. He was back to work this past Monday. We had a good crew response which was able to help him.

We won a NLRB charge where a management employee came back to work in the union and wanted all his union seniority back. He lost on appeal.

CMS will be rolling out a new program on a safety initiative with an Awareness Program. We still have a lot to do on safety and are still reviewing two man areas and Code Blue possibilities.

We had a Cash Balance meeting on May 9th with the whole Benefit Committee and the Company where we went over some options. We went over the history of where this all came from. Company will take it back and cost it out. There are approximately 557 members now in this group. We will be meeting again on next steps in the next couple of weeks.

Just wanted to remind you that Safety is the forefront of everything we do. Safety is for you. They count on you to come home every night. Safety is paramount on you. Please remember that. The company also needs to practice what they preach.