Business Managers Report

Monday, December 17, 2018


We are having an issue with what they are calling Load Balancing where they are saying it was part of the PSC Rate Case. It is a Call Center initiative where they say they can share calls downstate and do not have to go to Syracuse. We told them it was not part of the Rate Case and are waiting for a response back from the Company.

We have scheduled a meeting on January 4th for AMI metering where they will be able to turn meters off and on from the office. There is a potential for a lot of jobs to be lost or retraining for back office work. It is at the PSC now waiting for approval. Do not know all the details yet.

We are waiting up for follow-up from Tim Graham on the security issues with CMS and the Collector that was injured in Albany. We are looking at two-man areas or other security measures such as some type of Code Blue warning system or possibly new vehicles where you can use a remote to gain access. We are trying to get the company back to the table. The Training position has been agreed to and hopefully will be filled soon.

We are having issues with Consumer Representatives over the Blue Sheet arbitration which we won years ago in relation to management doing bargaining unit work. We will be filing a grievance. Also still dealing with Planning issues with the new organization in Syracuse called Customer Connects. They were holding onto information for months and then dumped orders on the union side.

We have scheduled an OPC meeting to go over issues January 17th and 18th.

Had a meeting with Keith McAfee. There was a lot of back and forth on call outs and the 10%. 

Met with Keith Hutchinson , Senior VP of Labor, to let him know issues on property bogging us down and how the new set up of HR is not working locally.

We are having a Son of Sam meeting with the company December 19th to get outstanding issues on the table.


We are meeting next week with the company. They are hinting on combing all three plants which is Nine Mile 1 and 2 and Fitzpatrick into one contract. We had tried that when we were negotiating but they were not interested. They want to look at some enhancements.


They made a change to post 65 retirement and we were able to negotiate what we feel is a better plan.


We ratified a 4 year contract with 2.7% raises, also bumped up their bonus to 6.4%.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and their families!