Business Manager's Report

Monday, May 14, 2018


We have a lot of issues outstanding. The new Labor Director Mike Rubino is still getting his feet wet. We are still working on UG Auto Progression, Sick Pay which is resolved on language but are waiting on related grievance settlements and Time Transformation which is moving forward.

Ethic issues are going on. Remember to concentrate on your work on the job instead of what everybody else is doing.

Will be having a Safety Advocate meeting on May 21st. We are looking at the possibility of additional Safety Advocates in each discipline.

Had a Retiree Benefit meeting with the Attorney and Retiree club Presidents regarding benefit changes to retirees. We cannot negotiate for them but looking on how we can help.

Working on Regional Control issues in relations to 12 hour scheduling along with management doing our work in the prior storm.

A lot of questions around Cash Balance Plan. The pension did not perform because of interest rates. We are trying to see what we can do via the Benefits Committee.

Had a lot of issues during the storms and will be having a meeting to discuss with Keith McAfee and hope to meet quarterly.


We have a Life Insurance issue and Accidental Death and Dismemberment which is being offered even though we never had before. It was captured in a MOA.


We will be preparing for Arbitration on medical premium contributions.


Dealing with the possibility of repowering for HSS and DSS. Phil Wilcox continues to work on this issue. NRG is not giving us an honest answer on what they will be doing with these plants. There is now a water issue with HSS closing where they had provided untreated water from the river to neighboring manufacturers.

The Utility industry is changing and we need to be there when it does. We need to look at our work and to continue to maintain a game share of work instead of contractors. We have coming electric vehicles, charging stations, renewable power and Transmission changes. I have been talking to Keith MacAfee and am looking to schedule a meeting to discuss and then meet on a regular basis.

Stewards training will be held in October. I have notified the International office that will be holding it in each division. We can accommodate 20 to 25 members.

Memorial Day is coming. Remember see a Vet, Thank a Vet and that we appreciate everything they have done.