Bills to Watch in Albany

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

As usual in the first half of the year, there are a few bills in Albany that concern our members. We are keeping an eye on the following legislation:  

  • Utility Workers will be authorized to use any public commercial restroom regardless of properties owners having an internal policy not allowing it.
  • Building Services personnel must be paid the prevailing rate of wage to all workers under a public work contract. Maybe something we can use to get some of our Janitors back under our umbrella.
  • Governor is decreasing the time to start receiving unemployment benefits when you are on strike. It was 7 weeks and now will be 3 weeks. If you are on a lock out, you receive benefits right away.

We will keep you updated on their progress and please check out future Local 97 News editions for updates.

The IBEW International has also informed us that they have made an early endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden. Please click here for an article from the International on why they made this decision.